Base line research in Saamaka

I recently started with my dissertation project for my MBA (master in business administration). The topic of my dissertation regards entrepreneurship in rural areas. As part of this I visited a number of organizations (both government and non-government) as part of my research. Being the entrepreneur myself, I always look for interesting business opportunities, and again this time a found one. A very interesting opportunity I must say.
One of the organizations I spoke to was just looking for a consultant to do a base line and feasibility study in the Upper Suriname river area (Saamaka).

So I took this opportunity, and together with two colleagues we went to the Saamaka area, an 4 hour drive to our first stop Baakaboto. In the four days we stayed there, we traveled to various villages and lodges taking interviews, collecting data and taking notes.

Again I was truly amazed by the beauty of our nature. Although very simple sometimes, the view is breathtaking. What I enjoyed the most was being on the water, in the small boats with the experienced boatsman who brought us trough the currents like it was just a straight asphalt road.

The nicest thing about this project is that I am actually getting paid for my dissertation project, I get the chance to visit some of the most exotic places in our country and get to reconnect with nature. What more can a man ask for?

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