Jamaica – Land of Springs

Out of Many, One People
Jamaica is amongst the countries I’ve always wanted to visit. And just like the law of attractions says, if you want something bad (or good :)) enough, you will eventually get it. And yes, tomorrow I will travel to Trinidad (the country I consider to be my second home in the Carribean), and Tuesday  I will set foot on the “Land of Springs”.

Jamaica has been on top of my list thanks to some of the biggest music idols i’ve had in my life, including Bob Marley, Buju Banton, Beenie Man, Shabba Ranks, Shaggy and Sean Paul. If a country can produce so many top world artists, there must be something very special about it.
So i’m glad to be visiting Jamaica, smell tha aire, feel the vibe and get inspirated. Who knows what artistic talents of mine will appear when I walk on the Jamaican ground.

I am visiting Jamaica on invitation of JCI West Indies, who are organizing their National Convention in Sunset Grande, Jamaica. This is one of the wonderful opportunities I have as JCI Trainer. I will be heading the team, consisting of my friends Wayne Cadogan from Barbados and David Knight from Jamaica, that will conduct the JCI Presenter training on October the 15th. This will be the second time I work with Wayne & David, and I just know that this time I will enjoy it as much as I did last year in St Vincent & the Grenadines.

Jamaica, A here me a come!

One thought on “Jamaica – Land of Springs

  1. Relax! That’s the word I’ve seen and read the most when I was in Jamaica. And that’s just about the best word to describe this amazing place. Despite all the negative things you might hear about Jamaica, this is the first time I felt completely relaxed and home. I enjoyed every moment of it, and the Sunset Grande all inclusive hotel I’m staying at, adds a great plus to the great feeling I have about Jamaica. Sitting on the balcony of my hotel room on the 15th floor, with a marvelous view at the beach was like experiencing a little piece of heaven on earth. At moments like this I am very thankful for the way life goes and that I decided to put so much efforts on my trainers career within JCI. As JCI trainer I’ve been invited to a lot of beautiful places in the world, something I’m enjoying every bit of. Ever since I’ve arrived I met a lot of friends from the West Indies, and for a moment I was amazed about how many friends I have here in the West Indies.
    I am looking back to some interesting days, with me being Head trainer for JCI Presenter, conducting Creating Balance, being one of the panelmembers for the CSR forum and also being on the judging team for the JCI West Indies Speaking Competition and the JCI West Indies Debating Competition. And while I got to work with some wonderful people of this fascinating organization, I enjoyed the Jamaican atmosphere, relaxin’ and feelin’ irie..
    Yeah man!

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