JCI WorldCongress in India

In a few hours I will start my journey to Bharat desh, India, Land of half of my ancestors…… :). It should be about a hundred years ago that my mother’s grandparents (adji & adja) came to Suriname; to seek a better future in what they thought would be the Land of Shri Ram.

So they set foot on ground many years ago, worked very hard, and had a fulfilling live here in Suriname. From my mother’s side I’m the third generation born in Suriname. From my father’s side I’m also third generation in Suriname, from an immigrant from China. (So mainly my ancestors are both from India & China).

And so in about 24 hours from now I will set foot on ground in the place my great-grandparents came from, to be part of a very interesting and promising event.

I will participate with the JCI World Congress in New Delhi, India, this will be my second World Congress. This year I was selected as Head Trainer for one of the JCI Presenter courses which will be organized, Assistant Trainer for JCI Admin, and I will also be conducting one of my own seminars. The most exciting news for me will be that this will help me to achieve one very important goal I’ve set for myself within JCI, to be ITF by the end of 2008. 

I am all excited about this trip, and looking forward to a very successful trip. I am planning to enjoy my stay in India and of course to enjoy meeting my friends from all over the World, making new friends, and of course…see what business opportunities will be there for me this time…….


3 thoughts on “JCI WorldCongress in India

  1. Hello fellow Jaycee.

    I’m happy you will attend this years world congress in your great-grand parents’ country of origin.

    I wish you a nice trip, and above all a successful participation and achieving your goals as a trainer.


    JCI eWorld Coordinator, JCI Cameroon

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  3. India has been an wonderful experience. I pretty much liked the country, it’s ancient history and the many nice places to be. I definitely think I will be visiting India again, maybe even next year. However, I must say there were some things I didn’t like; such as the air (smog???), the traffic and also comparing this congress to other International JCI events I participated in, I would rate this congress not more than a 5 on a scale from 1-10.

    There are some very good things, however, about the this congress. I liked the training programs, and also the many interesting people I met. I met old friends, and made a lot of new ones. So even if I did not like the way things were organized (except from the training program), I did enjoy the country and the time with the many Indian friends I made.


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