Overcoming challenges…..

…by turning them into opportunities.
The new year started off with some challenges, as business has been very slow for the first two 6 weeks and the last 6 weeks of 2008. Which means I didn’t have much to do for almost 3 months. 😦
But challenges are like the spice in your food, and since I very much like spicy food, I made a good meal out of it.
So I used this three months to work on all those open assignments I had for my MBA study. I was a little behind on schedule, and with not having to much to do in my business, I had all the time to catch up on my study. Which I did 🙂

For me this was a nice little example of how to turn challenges into opportunities.
And the nice thing about opportunities is that once you’ve start focusing on them, they start coming on your path. And so they did.

Just last week I was hired as the (interim) project manager by the newly founded Foundation for the Promotion of Journalism in Suriname. My task will be to setup and startup an fully operational training center, with state of the art equipment. As we are taking our first steps, we are planning for the opening in April and the start of the first training courses by a partner from the Netherlands.

Yesterday yet another opportunity arose, as I was selected as one of the 15 to be part of an OAS funded 3-year training and mentoring project of the Department (Ministry) of Education. This will be a very powerful project, focusing on the development of young people in Suriname and other Caricom states.

Another nice thing is that my international (JCI) training engagements for this year are already being planned on my agenda. At the moment I already have Trinidad from 27-30 of march, Jamaica from 24-28 of april and Puerto Rico from 4-8 of may. 

So the next 3 months, I’ll have my hands full. And the 3 months after that. AND the 3 months after that. 

One tip: just forget the 316 words you just read. Remember only this: Once you start turning your challenges (problems?) into opportunities, there is no end to how far you can reach.

Make it a great day!

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