My Trinidad visit

It has been a few weeks that I came back from Trinidad & Tobago, where I was invited to conduct JCI Presenter, together with Jamaican JCI Senator David Knight. This visit has been one of the most rewarding JCI travels for me up till now.
It started with being picked up at the airport by Hayden Blackman, JCI Port of Spain Vice President. Our first stop was at home of one the senators, where we had a nice cup of cocoa and a piece of cake.
At 10.30 am, about 4 hours after I landed in Trinidad, we (Hayden, David and I) where the guest at TV channel 4 for an interview by Allyson Hennessy for her program “from 10 to 12”, where we promoted the JCI movement. This was a very interesting interview and I enjoyed every bit of it.

An hour later, we were at the office of the ministry of Social Affairs, meeting minister  Amery Browne himself to discuss ways JCI and the ministry of Social Affair could be working together.

After the meeting with minister Browne, we rushed to our next meeting, with the dynamic minister Gary Hunt of Sport and Youth Affairs. This was a very interesting meeting, from which I generated a lot of brilliant ideas to be used here in Suriname.

Our last visit for the day was at the UNESCO office, meeting the secretary general for the Carribean, Ms Susan Shurland. This was yet another interesting meeting, which promises a great cooperation between the UNESCO in Trinidad and Tobago and JCI Trinidad.

We concluded our series of meeting with a late lunch at JCI senator’s Brathwaithe’s office at the Trinidad Waste Management company. After the lunch we went to JCI Trinidad’s headquarters for a short trainingseminar for members and observers of JCI Trinidad.

Day 2 was yet another interesting day; after concluding the JCI Presenter course at 19.30 we went to see the last 20 minutes of the Worlcup qualification between Trinidad and Honduras. This was a  very nice experience once again, and the energy and the vibe that I felt energized me. A visit to the vibrant St James, on of my favorite liming spots in Trinidad was our last stop, before going home.

On sunday, my last day of my March visit to Trinidad, we spent most of the day at senator Brathwaithe’s house for a nice lunch and chats with the JCI family in Trinidad.

As I said, this has been a very rewarding trip, and I enjoyed every bit of it. Most of all I’m very glad that I made a lot of new friends, whom I surely will be visiting the next time I’m in Trinidad.

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