Training in Jamaica

I have been discussing going to Jamaica to conduct some training programs for quite some time now, with Senator David Knight of JCI st Andrews in Kingston. In November 2008 I was in Ochorios, Jamaica to conduct some training but that was for the JCI West Indies National Convention and the whole discussion has been about conducting training for the members of JCI Jamaica itself.

So, this June I finally went. With a full program, doing JCI Presenter on the 26th and JCI Trainer on the 27th and 28th. This has been a very good experience, with another opportunity to make new friends and exploring other possibilities.

Besides the 3 days of training I also paid a visit to the Best Care Children’s Home for physically and mentally challenged children, that was founded by JCI st. Andrews a few decades ago. It is great to see what impact JCI Jamaica has been creating in Jamaica since they’ve been around.

I’ve enjoyed this weekend, packed with fun, hard working and a nice sence of achievement and ofcourse enjoying Jamaica.
I really have to send a big thanks to the members of JCI Jamaica for the good times I had and for wanting me to go back very soon 🙂

….yeah man…no problem..

2 thoughts on “Training in Jamaica

  1. It was our pleasure to host you Marciano. I had anticipated a tiresome weekend, but instead I feel rejuvenated and fresh! The sessions were interactive, exciting, fun-filled, educational and a whole new learning experience.

    I know that all of us learnt a lot and as Executive Vice President in charge of training, I am going to give 3 of the graduates the opportunity for training (1hr. each) at our 3rd State Meeting at the end of July and another 4 at our local Convention this year.

    Nuff respec’ and big up yuself!


  2. Felicidades Marciano!!!! Excelente página, tus compañeros del ALA 2008 estamos muy orgulloso de tus logros como Instructor de la JCI y a nivel prorfesional.

    Eres fuente de inspiración para muchos de nosotros. Éxitos en todo lo que hagas.

    Te saluda cariñosamente,

    Selene NC
    JCI Panamá

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