Looking at the world from a different perspective

As a JCI member, especially one that is active on the international level, you learn to look and experience the world from a different perspective and/or angle than you normally do. That’s the best way to make more friends, expand your network, and learn more from different cultures.

In the 14 countries I have visited since I started my international career as international JCI trainer three years ago, I’ve met a lot of people, learned a lot of new things and, most importantly, I’ve learned to look at things out from different angles.

On my visit to Tunesia, where the 2009 JCI Worldcongress took place, I’ve had a complete new angle to look at….high above the ground. On Saturday 21st Soemartie and I walked up the beach to have some beach fun and saw the main tourist attraction that was going on – Parasailing!! – As I am always ready for a new challenge, and especially because I like to confront myself with my own fears in order to get rid of them, I decided to fight something that I always had…the fair of heights…. So there was I. Before I realized I bought a ticket for the para sailing adventure, and before I knew I was all strapped up, fastened and ready to go. The moment I was in the air I could feel the Adrenaline rushing through my blood with a speed I almost never experience. Together with me there was a 12 year old English girl who was enjoying so much that she gave me the spirit to enjoy the moment and to forget my fear. Without knowing, this little girl gave me the moral support I just needed that moment, just with her enthusiasm. Parasailing feels like flying, and it really gives you the best kick you can possibly get out from any other activity.

And of course, If you know me well you can already guess. This afternoon I headed for the beach again, to go up in the air, to fly and feel the air, feel the adrenaline and enjoy the view from above. This definitely was one of my greatest experiences I’ve had!!!




More pictures about this adventure to be uploaded in the Facebook album
Tunesia from Above

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