Nothing but Nets!

My dear friends,

On July 11th 2010 I will be celebrating my 32th birthday. One of my goals for this day is to raise $ 1.000,- for the Nothing but Nets campaign to help people in Africa to be protected against Malaria.
Malaria is a big threat in Sub Saharan Africa, where it kills one child every 30 seconds. This is a major project, and I would really like to ask you , as an caring active citizen, to support me, JCI and Nothing but Nets (a UN program) to help getting more mosquito nets to Africa.

This is how you can support: Millions of people die each year from malaria – but there’s a simple, life-saving solution, and all it takes is $10 to buy a bed net, distribute it to a family, and explain its use.

You can support me by making a secure online donation. Click on the link below to help prevent malaria:

For more information on how YOU can participate in Nothing But Nets, please visit us at

Thanks for your support!

Marciano S. Lie A Young, ITF # 114
JCI Suriname
Tel: +597 8581031 | +597 8261031

Visit to learn how young people around the world are working to create positive change.

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