The Impact of ONE

For all JCI Members over the world, this has not been an unknown phrase; the Impact of One!
The month of September was declared as Impact of One month and members all over the world where encouraged to play their part and create that Impact in their very own way. I have to say, as a firm believer that the Impact of One is far greater than some of us imagine, I was very pleased with this call for action.

Although I have tried to create some Impact, I am not sure yet whether it has been successful or not; but that’s not the point, since in this post I will not be talking about what I did. This post is dedicated to one of my friends who, now ten years ago, really created an Impact that is still have some positive spin-off effects.

About ten years ago, I met with Charles Chritchlow, now Past President of JCI Western, a LOM that we used to have in my hometown Nickerie. I just returned back from Paramaribo, where I quit my study at the University and was working at a ICT company. We had a nice talk and then he invited me to a meeting of this organization called “Jaycees”. I didn’t know anything about it, but still I went to see what these guys were doing. After all, I didn’t have anything to lose. So I went to this meeting and the next year I was secretary of the board, headed by Charles Chritchlow as Local President.

Now, after ten years I can proudly say that Charles Chritchlow really showed how big the Impact of One could be! By introducing me to this organization, he indirectly played an very important role in the lives of so many others.
Almost daily I receive emails from JCI members and others from all over the world, asking for some little advice, sharing good news and sometimes even ask my opinion on some great adventure they are about to embark on. Could you say that is an accomplishment of myself? Maybe you could say that, in some way….but I would have to say, it is an accomplishment of Past President Charles Chritchlow, who took that step, ten years ago, to invite me to one meeting.

Yes, all these friends of mine who get inspired by my thoughts, words and actions are in fact enjoying that Impact created by that one person, who was the real catalyst of all the inspiration and motivation people think comes from me.

Having said this, I truly realize what big responsibility I have. I will need to be a catalyst to another range of successes, inspiration and motivation. I will need to inspire someone enough to give him (or her) the strength to start inspiring others across the globe. I need to create my own Impact of One…….

One thought on “The Impact of ONE

  1. Hi Marciano,

    I must say that I am very proud of what you have written about me. And I am very proud of you too.
    In fact it should be the responsibility of everyone to show others the best way of things in life. Honesty and motivation are my policy.
    I am working for 23 years know and you are one of the first people recognizing
    me of what I have been done for you due to the JCI.
    On behalf of my wife Claudia Chritchlow I would like to thank you very much.
    I wish you Gods blessings and I will pray that you will have many more success in life.

    Chritchlow Charles

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