P= A + A

It’s been a very long time since I last wrote on my blog. Not that  I had nothing to say, not at all. The truth is, I have been writing the blog for so many times in my head that it felt like I did it for real :).

I have to be back, bloggin’ like I used to and it seems to me this is a great way to start.

P = A + A ….YES it is! Performance (P) equals Ability (A) and Attitude. I found this today, and it really felt like something I should share. Today I read this very nice story, in fact two of them, which really show that in order to succeed, ATTITUDE is everything. To be more specific; believing that you actually can achieve what you have put your mind on to.

Story 1.
“On May 1954 Roger Bannister became the first man to run the mile in under four minutes. He actually ran the mile in 3 minutes 59.4 seconds. Apart from the fact that in doing so he broke the world record for the mile, he’s feat was even more remarkable when you look at the thinking if the era, especially among the medical profession. At that time it was believed that running that fast over that distance was physically impossible. The heart was thought unable to pump blood around the body fast enough to fuel the muscles to perform to that high level.” >> 

While everyone thought this was impossible, it took just 46 days for another athlete to break Roger Bannister’s record. As for today, the mile has been completed under a minute for almost 5000 times by more than 1000 athletes.

Story 2

“In 1981 when Cliff Young, an Australian potato farmer, was 61 he decided to enter the Sydney to Melbourne Ultra Marathon. This marathon is 544 miles long, across Australia.
Cliff turned up at the start to collect his race number and was greeted with disbelief when he told the stewards that he was there to compete. The thing is, there’s more to this remarkable story that first meets the eye. Whilst the other highly toned athletes had the very latest equipment – Lycra running clothes, running shoes etc, Cliff turned up in overalls and galoshes.


The other thing that all the other athletes had was a support vehicle. A camper van where they could rest; because the known wisdom of Ultra Marathons was that you ran for 18 hours and slept 6 hours. Cliff didn’t have a van. Or anywhere else that he could rest.

The race started and the other athletes soon began to lose Cliff as he scuffled along losing ground. He didn’t have the best of knees so instead of striding out like Micheal Johnson, he kind of scuffed along, with just short strides and not bending his knees much. The main group was well ahead of him by the time nightfall came and they stopped for their sleep and recuperation. Cliff Young didn’t; he just kept on running though the night! This went on for 4 days and 4 nights. He just kept on running! During the 5th night he caught up with the other athletes and overtook them and won the race, breaking the previous record by 9 hours! 

The point is that his feat was achieved because his attitude was one of self-belief. He believed that he could run for over 5 days and nights without stopping to rest. And so he did.” 

So what do I want to accomplish by sharing this stories? You just decide for yourself, because I think it is completely up to ourselves to decide what to do with the information we receive everyday.


2 thoughts on “P= A + A

  1. motivating story, i recently shared this with some friend.
    there is a quote : ” nothing is impossible”
    some years ago i saw an ad in the USA saying: “Impossible is nothing”
    The universe is so tantalizing huge…
    nice to learn about your projects. We will meet face to face one day
    kind regards Romeo Haas

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