Keeping your employees happy

Employees are the core of any company and this is a fact that not many top level managers are willing to accept. They are among the main stakeholders of a company and a company’s success will highly depend on them.

Keeping employees happy is therefore a key element if your company is to succeed. You will not only be able to reduce turnover which potentially reduces your company’s goodwill, but you will also be able to keep your best employees who have gained expertise in a certain area of work. The above are just some but a few of the benefits of having a satisfied and happy set of employees.

The following are some tips that can be applied to make sure employees are happy.

Trusting your employees
Employees are adults and as should treated as such. They don’t like being followed and pushed around. This will make them even more negligent and dependent on the immediate authority. This means that when they are not being watched they will be lax and demotivated. Also, they will lack the ability and creativity to face a complex problem comes it comes up.

Show gratitude
When an employee is doing an excellent job, a show of gratitude will go a long way to ensure that your employees are happy. Most employees like recognition for the work they do. When these personal milestones are noticed by the managers, they become elated and motivated to do even more.

Flexibility in the workplace
When employees are given the flexibility to work as they please as long as they are maintaining the same level of quality they highly appreciate it. An employee may wish to work the weekend in exchange to working on weekday due to personal reasons. If this is allowed instead of forcing them to take sick days, they will feel important since their needs are being considered.

Monetary benefits and perks also matter in making the workplace more likeable but a sense of belonging, responsibility and feeling appreciated is more likely to make employees happy.

Marciano S. Lie A Young

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