Business tips for small business owners

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Walk, don’t run
“Simplicity it the ultimate sophistication”. Words by Leonardo da Vinci, artist and engineer from the 15th century. And Leonardo was right. As a small business owner, when it comes to creating success in your business, simplicity often is the key. Nowadays, in the 21st century where information moves at warp speed and countless opportunities seem to be thrown at your feet you need to take time to consider, reflect and ponder about everything that crosses your path before jumping into hasty decisions. Especially when availability or access funding is not something you have in abundance.

As a business owner you definitely want to see progress and an increase of your bottom-line, but you need to realize that some things take time and that rushing into every opportunities that arises will eventually lead to complication and confusion.

Good is good enough
Delivering outstanding service to our client is what we always aim for. The reason we do this is because we realize that this kind of service generates more sales, thus more profit. Don’t fall into the trap to just focus on customer service alone. Although the customer is king, we cannot always give them what they want. As small business owners we do everything to satisfy the needs of our customers as long as it doesn’t hurt us. After all, were in business to make money and not just help others.

Set goals, measure and track your progress
As with all ventures you want to see progress, growth of your business. Growth can be established in different ways such as in terms of profit, in terms of number of employees or in terms of your customer base. No matter how you want to measure your growth, one thing is inevitable, you will need to set some goals.   Set realistic goals focused on making small, continuous improvements. Track your goals at least on a monthly basis so you know where you’re standing and what you need to do to get better, if necessary.

Make sure to include your team when setting the goals. Research has shown that most of the companies that fail to reach their goals do so because they don’t include their team members when setting goals. When you don’t include the people who have to help you to reach your goals, it will be difficult to get their commitment.

Stay positive
Every business owner has his own stories about the bumpy ride they had on their way to success. There will be problems with suppliers, with clients, with employees maybe even with getting all your bills paid. Just remember that success can never be achieved without overcoming hurdles. When times get bad, try to be the one positive lighting star for everyone in your company. Don’t be afraid of sharing your troubles and explaining to everyone what their role can be to overcome them. Once your team realizes how important their role is, they will do everything possible to keep the show running.


Marciano S. Lie A Young

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