Excellent Customer Service – An Attitude not a Department!


The customer is always right; that the first rule of any successful business! The goal of a prosperous dealing is to provide a customer service which is not only the finest but also remarkable.
Customers are the lifeblood of any organization. A good customer is an assurance of a good business done and understanding your customers whether via phone, email or in person is the hallmark of an excellent service. Good etiquettes and professional skills increase the chances of a satisfied customer and organizations where the customers are not acknowledged lose clients and eventually face business failure. The customer should have reasons to come back to you every time he needs your services.

A business is successful when a company realizes that solving customer’s problems on time is the bottom-line. A good customer service doesn’t need any business to be perfect; it just needs it to act right at the right time. Building goodwill and trust among the customers is the key to more sales and hence more profits, but success is not always about money; it’s about loyal customers and good reputation. Kind words spoken to the customers travel very fast and are worth more than costly advertising strategies!

Business must realize that they are not doing any client a favor by providing them services, but that actually the client is favoring the company by choosing them over other competitors. Satisfied clients will keep coming back and eventually bring referrals just because of the good service that they received. More clients will of course lead to more profits, provided that the service that the company provided is good enough to provide customer satisfaction and create customer loyalty.

Providing excellent customer service is not even a very difficult task, for example offering a glass of water to the customers on a hot day doesn’t cost much but it will create more impact than the thousand dollars ad you’ve placed on the most visited street in town!

Companies that realize they need to put the needs of their customers up front know that this gives them a competitive advantage over companies that don’t. They know that thinking from the perspective of the client and focusing on delivering only high quality services will automatically result in the increase of sales. Since getting new customers is far more expensive than keeping the current ones, spending money on the improvement of customer satisfaction and customer retention is a very small move for any company.

Marciano S. Lie A Young

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