Keeping talent in your company

If you have been doing a good job hiring the right employees you definitely have some real talents in your company who provide a lot of added value to your company every day. Knowing what they’re worth, you would probably like to do everything possible to keep them in your company. To effectively do so, you will first need to know why they work for you at the first place.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons people work for a company, maybe you will find some of the reasons why your talented employees are still hanging around.

Everyone loves to be appreciated. At work, at home, within the community. In companies we can show our appreciation by the salaries and bonuses we pay, but most of all by the way we treat our employees.

Talented people often have a strong sense of wanting to be part of something big. Whether is that big project, your company expansion or the growth of your annual sales. They want to see that their input matters and contributes to the bigger picture.

Sharing success
Your will make proud employees if you share the companies successes with them. I once had a client who treated all the employees with ice cream whenever they landed a big contract. This is not about the ice cream but about the gesture. In this way you show your appreciation and you acknowledge their part in the success your company has achieved.

No one is too old to learn something new. Or too smart. Not even your most talented employee. By providing development opportunities to your employees you help them in reaching personal goals. Also, the smarter and better trained your employees are, the better results you will achieve on the long term.

Talented employee enjoy one thing the most; having the autonomy to take decisions without having to run to their manager every time. As a manager you should learn to appreciate the hidden treasures that autonomy brings into play; like creative problem-solving, leadership and management skills.

How do your employees work together? Do they appreciate each other’s work, are they perfectly aligned, is your company one happy family?  How much energy to you spend in creating a warm atmosphere in your company? If you are able to create a strong sense of belonging, employees will be less inclined to leave, because it will feel like leaving behind family.

So what’s your role as manager?
If you want to keep the talent in your company, it’s your job to do what it takes to keep everyone happy and make sure they’re having fun.

Develop a strategy that focuses on appreciating your employees, meaningfulness, sharing success, employee development, delegated autonomy and creating warm relations within the company. In this way your employees will think twice before wanting to leave your company and together you will build on more success for your employee, your company and of course for yourself.


Marciano S. Lie A Young

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