Do what you Love and never Work a day

“If you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life.”

I read this quote about 12 years ago, and decided to make it one of the rules I want to live by. One year after reading that quote, I decided I wanted to stop working and start doing what I love. I even created my personal mission statement:

“To live a life dedicated to becoming better by helping others to become better, while having and sharing fun with others.”

In January 2007 I resigned from a good paying job and plunged into a new adventure; starting my own company.

I started with literally zero dollars, out of my living room and with one client. In the next ten years following that decision, I was enjoying the ride to the fullest. I was having fun dealing with the daily challenges, working for and with my clients, and travelling the world (20+ countries in 4 continents) to conduct trainings, helping others to fuel their dreams of starting their own company and helping organizations to become more competitive by developing their brand and their human capital. I’ve been calling this the inside-outside approach to increase competitiveness.

When a crash-landing with a new business venture some years ago took away most of my entrepreneurial energy and spirit, I decided to do something I had been postponing for a decade; getting my master degree. For me this seemed like a good step, instead of sitting and licking the wounds of failure. Use that time and energy to learn new things, expand your horizon and check off a goal on your bucket list that has been standing there for such a long time.

A failure is just another opportunity to do something even better. Lick your wounds and rise again, because future opportunities await.

New opportunities took me to the corporate world. In what looked like a reversed story, I went from entrepreneurship to a job in the corporate world. New challenges, new lessons to learn, new opportunities. It is an interesting and challenging international environment and I am learning new things every day. However, there is one thing missing. Fun. What is missing is the kind of fun I used to have in the decade after starting off on my entrepreneurial adventure.

If there is something I’ve learned from life, it is never to give up on your dreams.

You might change the path to get there, but always keep working on getting there. For me, this means I need to bring the fun back into my life, and once again, start to live a life dedicated to becoming better by helping others to become better, while having and sharing fun with others.

What are your dreams, and how are you heading towards them, even if the waters are rough?

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