Looking at the world from a different perspective

As a JCI member, especially one that is active on the international level, you learn to look and experience the world from a different perspective and/or angle than you normally do. That’s the best way to make more friends, expand your network, and learn more from different cultures.

In the 14 countries I have visited since I started my international career as international JCI trainer three years ago, I’ve met a lot of people, learned a lot of new things and, most importantly, I’ve learned to look at things out from different angles.

On my visit to Tunesia, where the 2009 JCI Worldcongress took place, I’ve had a complete new angle to look at….high above the ground. On Saturday 21st Soemartie and I walked up the beach to have some beach fun and saw the main tourist attraction that was going on – Parasailing!! – As I am always ready for a new challenge, and especially because I like to confront myself with my own fears in order to get rid of them, I decided to fight something that I always had…the fair of heights…. So there was I. Before I realized I bought a ticket for the para sailing adventure, and before I knew I was all strapped up, fastened and ready to go. The moment I was in the air I could feel the Adrenaline rushing through my blood with a speed I almost never experience. Together with me there was a 12 year old English girl who was enjoying so much that she gave me the spirit to enjoy the moment and to forget my fear. Without knowing, this little girl gave me the moral support I just needed that moment, just with her enthusiasm. Parasailing feels like flying, and it really gives you the best kick you can possibly get out from any other activity.

And of course, If you know me well you can already guess. This afternoon I headed for the beach again, to go up in the air, to fly and feel the air, feel the adrenaline and enjoy the view from above. This definitely was one of my greatest experiences I’ve had!!!




More pictures about this adventure to be uploaded in the Facebook album
Tunesia from Above

JCI World Congress in Hammamet, Tunesia

The weather is nice, people are beautiful and friendly and the congress is a great experience! I’ve had a great time, conducting JCI Achieve, JCI Presenter and Creating Balance. Especially the Creating Balance was a nice experience, since I’ve done this course again after longer that a year. My inspiration for conducting this course again is because of the great amount of feedback that I have been receiving this year, from trainers all over the world who have been downloading this course from the JCI Training Gallery.

As I mentioned in a previous post, this course was translated into French by Abou Guindo from JCI Mali and into Turkish by Erdem Türsen from JCI Turkey. Possibilities are there that by the end of this year this course will also have a Spanish translation.

This world congress is a very motivating and inspiring way to end this year, which for me was packed with international training opportunities and a great deal of making new friends…

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Be better by sharing your knowledge, your experience and your passion

It’s been two months since I took the time to write something on my blog again. Not that I didn’t have anything to say recently, or that I did not have the time for it, it’s just that I had some kind of writers block. Not that I pretend to be a writer, but it really was a bit hard to get started, even though I had a lot of ideas flying around in my head.

Today I just knew that I had to write down some words, when I got the exciting news from Kamal Dabawala, one of my JCI friends from India. I met Kamal at the JCI World Congress in 2008, in New Delhi. He was the assistant trainer for the JCI Presenter course I conducted there. I’ve experienced Kamal as an very inspiring and dedicated trainer, and I had some valuable learning moments for myself during that course. Kamal and I discussed the training opportunities withing JCI and I proposed to provide some support reaching his next level training certification. By that time Kamal was a CNT  (Certified National Trainer), on his way to the NG (National Graduate level). To reach this next level, Kamal had to design an one hour course. The course he designed was about teambuilding and after designing his course, he asked me to review it and give some feedback. So I did.

Today (august 31th) Kamal received the good news that his application for NG was accepted. Starting today Kamal is the 4th National Graduate from India. A great accomplishment for my friend, Kamal Dabawala, and the thank you message he sent me today give me such a great sense of accomplishment as if I was the lucky one.

Another very nice experience is that in the past two months I received two new requests from trainers around the world to use the Creating Balance training. I developed this 3 hour course two years ago and since then its listed on the JCI Website. In the past two years I’ve received a lot of positive feedback about this course, and I have received emails from various trainers who have downloaded and conducted the course. The first time I received an email about it was in 2007, when a Prime graduate from JCI Canada was planning to conduct the course.

The two most recent inquiries where from JCI Mali and JCI Turkey.
Abou Guindo, the IPP from JCI Bamako from Mali emailed me some weeks ago to inform me that he was going to translate the Creating Balance course in French. This would make it easier for him to conduct it in his French speaking country.
A few days ago I received  an Facebook message from Erdem Türsen, a recent JCI Trainer graduate who will be translating the Creating Balance course in Turkish. I will be inviting Abou and Erdem to share their experience about this course, and I hope I’ll get some feedback which I can use to update it, as I am planning on conducting it at the JCI Worldcongress this year in Hammamet, Tunesia.

This is such great news for me, to see that the time I invested in searching for and reading material to design this course is paying of in this way. Creating Balance seems to have the potential to be a worldwide success, translated in many languages. I truly hope that both trainers and trainees around the world are enjoying this course and will use it to create (more) balance in their life.

I invite you all to download this course from the JCI website and take a look at it. I designed it in the first place to get some balance in my own life. It worked for me. And from the feedback I get from friends around the world, it works for them to.

So be better and create some balace in your life…..

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Mission ITF: Accomplished

Just today I received this exciting news from JCI!  I have reached the highest level for trainers within JCI – ITF (International Training Fellow)
Ever since I graduated from JCI Prime in 2000 and even more when I graduated from JCI Excel in 2005, I have been working hard towards the accomplishments of one very important JCI goal for myself: reaching the level of ITF (international training fellow)
On November 25th, 2007 I reached the IG level and made it a priority goal to reach the ITF level by December 2008.

So just imagine my excitement (not to mention pride :-)) when I received this email from the JCI Training Director… YES! I have reached the ITF level!

There is a long list of people who I am thankful to, for their support and guidance and of course for being there when I really needed it.

WOW! I think this is the start of yet another great journey within JCI!

So far my JCI Training certifications are:
Trainers level: ITF (International Training Fellow) # 114

JCI Official courses certifications:
JCI Presenter – Head Trainer
JCI Achieve – Head Trainer
JCI HeadTrainer – Head Trainer   
JCI Admin – Assistant Trainer
JCI Trainer – Assistant Trainer

JCI Designer – Assistant Trainer

Conducting training at the JCI World Congress in New Delhi, India

From November 2nd to November 10th I was in New Delhi, to attend the 2008 JCI World Congress. I’ve been looking forward to this congress, because this would provide me the opportunity to gain the much needed training hours towards my ITF (International Training Fellow) certification. Ever since I reached my IG level in November 2007, I’ve conducted training in Panama and Jamaica and I needed 6 more international hours to reach my ITF, hours that I would be getting by conducting training at the World Congress.

For the world congress I was scheduled as Head Trainer for JCI Presenter, Assistant trainer for JCI Admin and one of my own courses, Me Inc!

I conducted the JCI Presenter course together with Kamal Dabawala, from India. Kamal proved to be a very excellent and talented trainer and I truly enjoyed training with him. This has been my third JCI Presenter as head trainer and I was truly impressed by Kamal’s resourcefulness.
For JCI Admin I was one of the assistant trainers, together with Jean-Phillipe Valentin from Martinique and Adetola Sogbesan from Nigeria. Our head trainer was Nicole van Hooy, from the Netherlands. This training was completely new to me, but I think this is one of the most interesting JCI Official courses and a real must do for all Local and National organizations.
Unfortunately  I had to cancel Me Inc!, because I got sick.

Both JCI Presenter and JCI Admin had highly active participants, which made the training very interesting. If you ask me there is nothing as fun a class full of active participants, asking questions and sharing their experience. I learned a lot and surely had a great time.

I will invite the participants for JCI Presenter and JCI Admin to share their thoughts about this training sessions, give some feedback and some comments on how they think I did as trainer.