Training in Jamaica

I have been discussing going to Jamaica to conduct some training programs for quite some time now, with Senator David Knight of JCI st Andrews in Kingston. In November 2008 I was in Ochorios, Jamaica to conduct some training but that was for the JCI West Indies National Convention and the whole discussion has been about conducting training for the members of JCI Jamaica itself.

So, this June I finally went. With a full program, doing JCI Presenter on the 26th and JCI Trainer on the 27th and 28th. This has been a very good experience, with another opportunity to make new friends and exploring other possibilities.

Besides the 3 days of training I also paid a visit to the Best Care Children’s Home for physically and mentally challenged children, that was founded by JCI st. Andrews a few decades ago. It is great to see what impact JCI Jamaica has been creating in Jamaica since they’ve been around.

I’ve enjoyed this weekend, packed with fun, hard working and a nice sence of achievement and ofcourse enjoying Jamaica.
I really have to send a big thanks to the members of JCI Jamaica for the good times I had and for wanting me to go back very soon 🙂

….yeah man…no problem..

Puerto Rico 2009

Puerto Rico 2009…..this year’s conference of the America’s has been quite exciting experience, a very good Puerto Rican experience….. Together with JCI Unify member Rajiv Hieralal I arrived in Puerto Rico on May 1st, 5 days before the start of the Conference. We had a whole weekend in front of us and immediatly after unpacking our luggage (11.00 pm) we headed into the city to explore what’s hot…:) On saturday we continued our discovery tour ending the day (night) at one of  “the places to be” in la calle Fortaleza in Viejo San Juan. Together with our friend from Peru we had a very good time, partying Puerto Rican style till early in the morning….a night full of diversity, from Puerto Rican toClub Goddess in Puerto RicoVenezuelan, even to Hungarian……we ended the night at club Goddess, having a good time. Sunday I went out with Omar and Sonia from Peru, while Rajiv headed to the beach with Carlos from Venezuela and some other friends from all over Latin America.

So the weekend gave me a fresh start, full of energy for the week long of “work” I had in front of me. I had a very busy schedule, with JCI Presenter on Monday, JCI Trainer on Tuesday and Wednesday, JCI Presenter on Thursday and Managing Creativity on Friday.

As much as it seems, the fun I had during this training compensated at all for the long hours I made, together with Hernando Gomez en Arrey Obenson. As usual the seminars ended with  making a lot of new friends, and for sure some new opportunities for international training projects… I am already looking forward to Tuniz in November and ofcourse..Rosario in 2010. jajajaja 🙂