The Art of helping Others

Is helping others an Art? Ofcourse not! At least not in the common meaning of the word art. This would probably lead to the question; why is this post titled “the art of helping others”?

Yesterday afternoon, after my visit to the National Bloodbank where I am one of the 5500 voluntary blood donors of Suriname it struck me how much we can do to help others.

But still we do so little.

As crazy as it sounds, sometimes it seems like helping others is an Art, at least for some people. For some people helping others is something you do when you have a lot of spare time, or something that just someone else should do. And then you have the few who only help others because of the exposure or because of the potential benefit they expect to gain for it. For them, yes, helping others in an Art.

So this brought me to the point where, ofcourse, I looked at myself. I spent some time asking myself why I spent this much time on helping others, sometimes even putting the wants and needs of others before mine. The truth is that I can’t find one good reason why I do this, but at the same time I can’t find any reason not to do so either. Let’s be honest, I don’t have an abundance of spare time, not at all.
In fact my agenda is always so full (or seems to be) I sometimes ask myself how I manage to make time free for those friends and acquaintances that need some advice or some other kind of support, those nieces and nephews that need help with their homework or to squeeze some time to go to the bloodbank to donate some blood (after 3 years and 14 donations I’m still uncomfortable with that needle going into my arm).

Just like yesterday. In the morning I was heading to my office with a lot on my mind and a lot to do at the office when I saw a long time friend talking with someone. When he saw me he called upon me, so I pulled over. As soon as I got out of the car he started telling me about his recent situation; he just lost his job and didn’t know what to do. The lucky thing is that just the day before another friend of mine, who owns a small company told me that he was looking for a new employee. So I ended up taking my jobless friend to that other friend so they could have a talk. Ninety minutes later my jobless friend is smiling again, and so am I. For two reasons. The first is because once again I got to help out an friend in need and the second reason is that this visit ended up in a possible contract which may proof to be pretty lucrative in the future.

So did I help out my friend because of the gain I was expecting out of it? Not at all. But I do believe that whatever goes around comes around. In some way.

Sooner or later.

Just don’t wait for it and you’ll be surprised when it comes around.
Coming back to the title of this post ….please don’t let helping others be an art for you. Let is just be a part of you, flowing in your blood, something you just do automatically without even hesitating. Because when it will come around, it will all be worth it

Somehow, someday.

Going 2 Hammamet!

On my way to Hammamet! I just know this will be an terrific experience! And to make matters just better, I received message today from Abou Guindo, the trainer that translated the Balance into French, to conduct for the JCI Mali members.

I hope I will have the same fun conducting this training in Hammamet as Abou did!

My Trinidad visit

It has been a few weeks that I came back from Trinidad & Tobago, where I was invited to conduct JCI Presenter, together with Jamaican JCI Senator David Knight. This visit has been one of the most rewarding JCI travels for me up till now.
It started with being picked up at the airport by Hayden Blackman, JCI Port of Spain Vice President. Our first stop was at home of one the senators, where we had a nice cup of cocoa and a piece of cake.
At 10.30 am, about 4 hours after I landed in Trinidad, we (Hayden, David and I) where the guest at TV channel 4 for an interview by Allyson Hennessy for her program “from 10 to 12”, where we promoted the JCI movement. This was a very interesting interview and I enjoyed every bit of it.

An hour later, we were at the office of the ministry of Social Affairs, meeting minister  Amery Browne himself to discuss ways JCI and the ministry of Social Affair could be working together.

After the meeting with minister Browne, we rushed to our next meeting, with the dynamic minister Gary Hunt of Sport and Youth Affairs. This was a very interesting meeting, from which I generated a lot of brilliant ideas to be used here in Suriname.

Our last visit for the day was at the UNESCO office, meeting the secretary general for the Carribean, Ms Susan Shurland. This was yet another interesting meeting, which promises a great cooperation between the UNESCO in Trinidad and Tobago and JCI Trinidad.

We concluded our series of meeting with a late lunch at JCI senator’s Brathwaithe’s office at the Trinidad Waste Management company. After the lunch we went to JCI Trinidad’s headquarters for a short trainingseminar for members and observers of JCI Trinidad.

Day 2 was yet another interesting day; after concluding the JCI Presenter course at 19.30 we went to see the last 20 minutes of the Worlcup qualification between Trinidad and Honduras. This was a  very nice experience once again, and the energy and the vibe that I felt energized me. A visit to the vibrant St James, on of my favorite liming spots in Trinidad was our last stop, before going home.

On sunday, my last day of my March visit to Trinidad, we spent most of the day at senator Brathwaithe’s house for a nice lunch and chats with the JCI family in Trinidad.

As I said, this has been a very rewarding trip, and I enjoyed every bit of it. Most of all I’m very glad that I made a lot of new friends, whom I surely will be visiting the next time I’m in Trinidad.

JCI Presenter in Trinidad

Just yesterday David C. Knight and I conducted the JCI Presenter course in Port of Spain, Trinidad. Once again this has been an very interesting day, and I had a lot of fun. In fact, this visit has been one of the most rewarding international visit for me since I started with my international training career. There is lot to be told, which I will certainly do in a next post.

As for now, as always I will be inviting participants to share their experience, give some feedback or to just drop a note on my blog.

Sharing the Secret of Success

Dear friends,

“You cannot change anything in your life with intention alone, which can become a watered-down, occasional hope that you’ll get to tomorrow. Intention without action is useless”   – Caroling Myss –

I have always consider myself to be goal oriented and worked very hard on achieving goals I set for myself. A lot of times I manage to achieve my goals, and sometimes I don’t. But most importantly is that I never stopped working and never gave up. Because giving up is not my nature. If for me the goal is worth achieving, I will work as hard as possible.

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