Junior Chamber International

For the past 18 years, my life has been revolving a lot around Junior Chamber International (JCI) activities and projects. I’ve always contributed a lot of what I’ve accomplished to my involvement within JCI, as it has helped to develop the skills I use nowadays to create positive change and to support others.

In my 18 years of membership I’ve been very active and I’m proud to say that I had the opportunity to serve in many ways.

Local & National
2018 – National Executive Director
2016 – National Director
2013 – JCI Suriname 2013 Convention Director
2012 – National President
2011 – National Deputy Director
2010 – National Training Director
2008 – President JCI Nilom
2007 – Executive Vice President JCI Nilom
2005 – National Vice President / Acting Executive Vice President JCI Suriname
2004 – Secretary JCI Nilom
2002 – Moved to Paramaribo, joined JCI Nilom
2001 – Secretary JCI Western
2000 – Joined JCI Western, in Nickerie

2011 – Training Commissioner for the America’s

Since I joined JCI, I’ve chaired various small and large projects including the 2003 VOS Speechcontest, the 2006 International Leadership Congress, the Carifesta Youth Development program by JCI in 2013, the 2013 National Convention and more.
I was recognized as one of the first few in the world to use the JCI E-Awards program to create scrapbooks.

JCI Training carreer
2001 – Graduate from JCI Prime
2004 – Certified Local Trainer (CLT)
2005 – Graduated from JCI Excel – Certified National Trainer (CNT)
2007 – International Graduate (IG)
2008 – International Training Fellow (ITF) # 114

JCI Training certifications
Certified Head trainer for various official JCI courses

International activities
World Congresses
2009 in Hammamet, Tunesia
2008 in Delhi, India
2007 in Antalya, Turkey

Area Conferences:
2012 in Curitiba, Brazil
2011 in Willemstad, Curaçao
2009 in San Juan, Puerto Rico
2008 in Cuidad de Panama, Panama
2007 in Asunción, Paraguay
2006 in Guadeloupe

International conventions
2008 JCI West Indies Convention in Jamaica
2007 JCI West Indies Convention in St Vincent & the Grenadines

Awards & Recognitions
2003: Award for Most Outstanding Chairman
2006: Award for Most Outstanding Trainer
2006: Nilom Key Jaycee award
2008: Graduated from the American Leadership Academy (Panama City, Panama)
2011: Graduated from the Japan Leadership Academy (Toyama, Japan)

Visit my LinkedIn page for more info: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marcianolieayoung.