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me2To live a life dedicated to becoming better by helping others to become better, while having and sharing fun.” This is my personal mission statement, and this is what I live by.

A Ken Blanchard channel partner and certified leadership & management trainer and coach with extensive experience in catering to international audiences.

I continuously seek to be a catalyst for organizational leadership development by helping organizations to become more competitive through improvement of their brand, their business processes and their human capital. I’ve been calling this the inside-outside approach to increase competitiveness.

Certified in delivering training in the field of Project Management, Lean Six Sigma and Situational Leadership II, with a broad international experience gained through the training programs I have conducted in 21 countries in 4 continents around the world.

P= A + A

It’s been a very long time since I last wrote on my blog. Not that  I had nothing to say, not at all. The truth is, I have been writing the blog for so many times in my head that it felt like I did it for real :).

I have to be back, bloggin’ like I used to and it seems to me this is a great way to start.

P = A + A ….YES it is! Performance (P) equals Ability (A) and Attitude. I found this today, and it really felt like something I should share. Today I read this very nice story, in fact two of them, which really show that in order to succeed, ATTITUDE is everything. To be more specific; believing that you actually can achieve what you have put your mind on to.

Story 1.
“On May 1954 Roger Bannister became the first man to run the mile in under four minutes. He actually ran the mile in 3 minutes 59.4 seconds. Apart from the fact that in doing so he broke the world record for the mile, he’s feat was even more remarkable when you look at the thinking if the era, especially among the medical profession. At that time it was believed that running that fast over that distance was physically impossible. The heart was thought unable to pump blood around the body fast enough to fuel the muscles to perform to that high level.” >> 

While everyone thought this was impossible, it took just 46 days for another athlete to break Roger Bannister’s record. As for today, the mile has been completed under a minute for almost 5000 times by more than 1000 athletes.

Story 2

“In 1981 when Cliff Young, an Australian potato farmer, was 61 he decided to enter the Sydney to Melbourne Ultra Marathon. This marathon is 544 miles long, across Australia.
Cliff turned up at the start to collect his race number and was greeted with disbelief when he told the stewards that he was there to compete. The thing is, there’s more to this remarkable story that first meets the eye. Whilst the other highly toned athletes had the very latest equipment – Lycra running clothes, running shoes etc, Cliff turned up in overalls and galoshes.


The other thing that all the other athletes had was a support vehicle. A camper van where they could rest; because the known wisdom of Ultra Marathons was that you ran for 18 hours and slept 6 hours. Cliff didn’t have a van. Or anywhere else that he could rest.

The race started and the other athletes soon began to lose Cliff as he scuffled along losing ground. He didn’t have the best of knees so instead of striding out like Micheal Johnson, he kind of scuffed along, with just short strides and not bending his knees much. The main group was well ahead of him by the time nightfall came and they stopped for their sleep and recuperation. Cliff Young didn’t; he just kept on running though the night! This went on for 4 days and 4 nights. He just kept on running! During the 5th night he caught up with the other athletes and overtook them and won the race, breaking the previous record by 9 hours! 

The point is that his feat was achieved because his attitude was one of self-belief. He believed that he could run for over 5 days and nights without stopping to rest. And so he did.” 

So what do I want to accomplish by sharing this stories? You just decide for yourself, because I think it is completely up to ourselves to decide what to do with the information we receive everyday.


The Impact of ONE

For all JCI Members over the world, this has not been an unknown phrase; the Impact of One!
The month of September was declared as Impact of One month and members all over the world where encouraged to play their part and create that Impact in their very own way. I have to say, as a firm believer that the Impact of One is far greater than some of us imagine, I was very pleased with this call for action.

Although I have tried to create some Impact, I am not sure yet whether it has been successful or not; but that’s not the point, since in this post I will not be talking about what I did. This post is dedicated to one of my friends who, now ten years ago, really created an Impact that is still have some positive spin-off effects.

About ten years ago, I met with Charles Chritchlow, now Past President of JCI Western, a LOM that we used to have in my hometown Nickerie. I just returned back from Paramaribo, where I quit my study at the University and was working at a ICT company. We had a nice talk and then he invited me to a meeting of this organization called “Jaycees”. I didn’t know anything about it, but still I went to see what these guys were doing. After all, I didn’t have anything to lose. So I went to this meeting and the next year I was secretary of the board, headed by Charles Chritchlow as Local President.

Now, after ten years I can proudly say that Charles Chritchlow really showed how big the Impact of One could be! By introducing me to this organization, he indirectly played an very important role in the lives of so many others.
Almost daily I receive emails from JCI members and others from all over the world, asking for some little advice, sharing good news and sometimes even ask my opinion on some great adventure they are about to embark on. Could you say that is an accomplishment of myself? Maybe you could say that, in some way….but I would have to say, it is an accomplishment of Past President Charles Chritchlow, who took that step, ten years ago, to invite me to one meeting.

Yes, all these friends of mine who get inspired by my thoughts, words and actions are in fact enjoying that Impact created by that one person, who was the real catalyst of all the inspiration and motivation people think comes from me.

Having said this, I truly realize what big responsibility I have. I will need to be a catalyst to another range of successes, inspiration and motivation. I will need to inspire someone enough to give him (or her) the strength to start inspiring others across the globe. I need to create my own Impact of One…….

to be or not to be… a Politician

For years I’ve had a firm point of view regarding businessmen being active politicians. If you’d asked me, I would’ve said that’s not an ethical combination, because of the conflict of interest that may arise. As a very active citizen I believed that if you want to create positive change, the best way is to stay away from politics, especially those parties who have very egocentric leaders. Unfortunately most of the political leaders are like that; afraid to share leadership, only giving opportunities to loyalists despite their qualities and  tolerating criticism.
Another reason why I always thought business leaders should not be politicians is because of the corruption you often see and hear of and the bad examples of business leaders who use their political power for their own (personal) gain.

My view changed, however, after an 4 hour discussion with a JCI member from Pakistan, while at the 2007 JCI Worldcongress in Turkey.  Anwar Kashif Mumtaz is a tax consultant from Karachi and a 1992 JCI International Vice President. Anwar totally changed the way I looked at politics that way. Not immediately at that same moment, but in the months after that, after I started to look at politics from the view he suggested.
Anwar made me realize that if you really want to be able to create change, you should put yourself into the position where you can really have the impact. Looking from aside and screaming from the top of your longue may get you some attention, but the chance that you really have some impact is very small. To create the positive change we want in our community we need politicians who know how to get things done and who live a live of an active citizen. The last thing we need is people looking at issues from behind a desk and trying to find a solution for the problem of finding a solution without having to get out from their chair (pretty confusing, isn’t it……just read this sentence again :)
So if you really want things to change, you should be part of it, and that goes for political change as well. Ofcourse this is not as easy as it sounds, especially with the kind of political leaders we have nowadays. Unethical behaviour seems to be  the most normal thing for a lot of our political leaders, mostly grey, old men who think that we are still living in the sixties or seventies.

Luckily some political parties are starting to change. More young men and women are getting the chance to show what they are made of, and a lot of us hope that these men and women who will represent us are really made of the best “material”.

And then it comes, the big question that I have to answer by Tuesday, April 6th.
A few days ago I got an email from one of the founders from a small, very progressive political party who aims at giving as much as possible young men and women the opportunity to  play an important role in the development of our country. I knew of the existence of this party, and also read a lot about one of the founders, who is an exemplary and succesful entrepreneur. I like their way of thinking and the plans  (and vision) they have for our country. But I’ve never considered joining them yet, just as I’ve never seriously considered joining any other political party (although some people think otherwise about me).
Anyway I got this email from one of the founders who asked me if I would like to join them and be one of their candidates for the upcoming National Elections of the Parliament. To be very honest, I was very surprised, and the next day I replied that I wasn’t sure if I was interested in becoming a candidate, but I would certainly like a meeting to discuss how they decided to ask me; someone with no political background whatsoever. So I had that meeting, and heard what they had to say.
Interesting, interesting, interesting.

I am now seriously considering to join this party, and will be spending some time reading through the various documents produced by  this party. By tomorrow I am expected to let them know what my decision will be regarding representing the party as candidate for the parliament or not. So the big question is “should I or should I not……….”

Launching my answer 2morrow evening, but before I do, It would be nice to get your feedback on this…

The Art of helping Others

Is helping others an Art? Ofcourse not! At least not in the common meaning of the word art. This would probably lead to the question; why is this post titled “the art of helping others”?

Yesterday afternoon, after my visit to the National Bloodbank where I am one of the 5500 voluntary blood donors of Suriname it struck me how much we can do to help others.

But still we do so little.

As crazy as it sounds, sometimes it seems like helping others is an Art, at least for some people. For some people helping others is something you do when you have a lot of spare time, or something that just someone else should do. And then you have the few who only help others because of the exposure or because of the potential benefit they expect to gain for it. For them, yes, helping others in an Art.

So this brought me to the point where, ofcourse, I looked at myself. I spent some time asking myself why I spent this much time on helping others, sometimes even putting the wants and needs of others before mine. The truth is that I can’t find one good reason why I do this, but at the same time I can’t find any reason not to do so either. Let’s be honest, I don’t have an abundance of spare time, not at all.
In fact my agenda is always so full (or seems to be) I sometimes ask myself how I manage to make time free for those friends and acquaintances that need some advice or some other kind of support, those nieces and nephews that need help with their homework or to squeeze some time to go to the bloodbank to donate some blood (after 3 years and 14 donations I’m still uncomfortable with that needle going into my arm).

Just like yesterday. In the morning I was heading to my office with a lot on my mind and a lot to do at the office when I saw a long time friend talking with someone. When he saw me he called upon me, so I pulled over. As soon as I got out of the car he started telling me about his recent situation; he just lost his job and didn’t know what to do. The lucky thing is that just the day before another friend of mine, who owns a small company told me that he was looking for a new employee. So I ended up taking my jobless friend to that other friend so they could have a talk. Ninety minutes later my jobless friend is smiling again, and so am I. For two reasons. The first is because once again I got to help out an friend in need and the second reason is that this visit ended up in a possible contract which may proof to be pretty lucrative in the future.

So did I help out my friend because of the gain I was expecting out of it? Not at all. But I do believe that whatever goes around comes around. In some way.

Sooner or later.

Just don’t wait for it and you’ll be surprised when it comes around.
Coming back to the title of this post ….please don’t let helping others be an art for you. Let is just be a part of you, flowing in your blood, something you just do automatically without even hesitating. Because when it will come around, it will all be worth it

Somehow, someday.