Here is an overview of some projects:

Peperpot Nature Park
Contracted as (interim) manager Education & Ecotourism development for the Nature Park.

Foundation for the Promotion of Journalism in Suriname
Contracted as (interim) project manager by this Foundation to start up an training institute for Journalists in Suriname.

Feasibility study for recycling company
Conducted a feasibility study for a Netherland-based entrepreneur who is planning to start a recycling company in Suriname.

Base-line research
Together with two other consultants I conducted a base line research in the upper Suriname river area. Using the information I wrote an quality-improvement program for tourism lodges in the area.

Interim management Via Vinci University (Suriname branch)
Contracted by the Via Vinci University to start up their Suriname branch and act as interim-director for the start up phase.

Interim management NETTECH NV
Contracted as interim – deputy director for NETTECH, a ICT company which was bought by a client.